Creating Your Perfect Wedding Invitation

Creating Your Perfect Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations give a hint to your guests about your wedding, colors, venue, and them. They set the tone for the ceremony with their colours and style. It’s a wedding sneak peek, so you want to make it grand from the start. Not sure how to begin? Here are some things to take in mind for this important piece but often overlooked piece of your wedding.

Define the style of your wedding Your wedding invitation informs your guests of the wedding venue, date and time of day and your wedding style. Your guests get an idea of the type of event your wedding will be just by the card. Casual, exotic, beach, classic, elegant, hipster, relaxed, modern you name it, and your card reflects it. Before you start shopping for stationery you have to define an invitation style that hits the same note. You can contact your wedding planner to help you get ideas and inspiration to create a card according to your wedding style and taste.

Wedding Colors Always consider your wedding colors as those can be reflected in hues in your wedding invitations and carry on in the rest of your wedding stationery like menus, guest book, ceremony programs, seating list, guest presents and more for an integrated look. You can go traditional with white and ivory paper matched with gold or black fonts or be more creative using metallic print paper with designs, metallic ink or some delicate pastel colors.

Legible Font and Color Scheme We discussed colors and combinations, now let’s get into text. The information on the card is why you send it to your guests. Stationery is important but so is the ink. Too light a color on light backgrounds and it will be complicated to read, dark ink on dark backgrounds must also be avoided. The background stationery must contrast your ink color, making it look elegant and easy to read, your text must pop from the invitation. Fonts play a big role here too, you must not sacrifice pretty lettering for readability, balance is necessary between elegance and conveying your message to your guests.

Less Is More A common writing tip that always comes along is “less is more”. For a wedding card with limited space, it is vital to focus on your main key points: the hosts, ceremony time and venue, you and your fiancé´s names, dress code and perhaps RSVP. The more information you add to your card the harder it will be to read and will lose elegance, so stick to the main information and if necessary print information like wedding activities and venue details in a second card and / or send it digitally.

Start Early
Give your guests and yourself plenty of time before the wedding. Your “save the date” should go out 6 to 10 weeks before the wedding. It can take time to print or make your cards by hand depending on how fancy or personalized you want to go, so take this time into account too. Ordering everything from one stationer can save you money and time as well as making the invitation process easier on you. So start scouting stationers 9 to 11 months before the wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding or marrying over the holidays, send out your invites even earlier (12 weeks before the wedding).These are all of course standard timelines that can be adjusted depending on how easy to reach your destination is and the quantity of your guests.

Always order extra invitations It’s stressful and expensive having to order more invitations at the last minute. You should have enough for your guest list plus 25 extra in case you want to save some as keepsakes, last minute guests or even for your mom and in-laws. You might also find that some guests you invited will not attend the wedding, thus making room for plan B guests who will need an invitation. If you have a lengthy B-list, consider ordering a second set of invitations with a later RSVP date.

Have a Pro take care of all the details Wedding planning can be overwhelming, from the ceremony, dress, venue, food to the invitations, but you don’t have to be alone. At Roatan Events we can plan the destination wedding of your dreams for you. We take your ideas and inspirations and turn them into reality.

We believe every detail matters, our invitations are tailor made to your taste and we source our materials from premium quality international stores and also take pride in using local and sustainable materials that belong to the island reflecting from the start an exotic yet elegant destination wedding is on the way. We take care not only of your invitations but of your overall wedding theme and style, from impeccable hand calligraphy to a complete suite of matching menus, programs and thank you notes to deliver elegance from star to end on your special day.

Contact us at []( for more information on our full set of services.

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