Cruise Weddings Are Back in Roatan!

Cruise Weddings Are Back in Roatan!

Today I want to give you some amazing news. Carnival cruise is back on our island! This is a huge huge deal after having our cruise industry on hold for the past 15 months. I’m sure it’s only me who missed the thrill of cruise weddings. To celebrate this, we will have some very special offers for cruise weddings. Read on to find out more about our cruise weddings and the special surprise we have for you.
Cruise weddings are one of the most popular options for destination wedding couples who choose Roatán as the place to say “I do”. Whether you are soon to be newly weds or renewing your wedding vows, a cruise is a great option to have a destination wedding at a lower cost. Cruise weddings are different from planning a regular wedding and like with every wedding, planning is key, so here are some expert tips for you to consider:

Consider Budget and Dates When Choosing a Cruise Line

Deciding which cruise line is right for you will depend on your taste, budget and destination. Once you have decided how many guests you want and the due date, search for prices, availability and on board commodities. We recommend Carnival Cruise as a great option. They offer varied packages, deals and on board entertainment for you and your guests and travel to magnificent Caribbean destinations, including Roatan, a beautiful Caribbean island sure to win your heart over.

Choose a Venue Close to Your Cruise Port
Once you’ve booked your cruise ship and have decided you want to marry in Roatán, it is advisable to pick a wedding venue that is easily accessible from where your ship lands. This gives you more time to enjoy the event and our island (and to take beautiful pictures). It’s particularly important to bear this in mind if you have limited time on the island. For this reason in Roatán Events we have a series of recommended venues for cruise ship weddings as we can ensure that your weddings happens on time and is stress-free. The only thrills you will feel will be caused by the excitement of having your dream destination wedding.

You Don’t Need to Hold Back on Details Just Because It’s a Cruise Wedding

Most people might think that cruise weddings have to be really minimal to make them work. I beg to differ. While planning a cruise wedding can seem daunting, at Roatan Events we have you covered with our ample experience working with cruises and planning island weddings. From classic to exotic, we can accommodate any theme and idea that you have for your cruise wedding so that you don’t have to skimp on details.
Our Cruise ship wedding packages include flowers, wedding arches, guitar player, coordinating a minister, a fresh bouquet for the bride, professional photographer and so much more! You can choose your preferred flowers and colors for your special day and the package that suits your needs best from a quick ceremony on the beach to a reception including seated dining and a la carte menu from your chosen venue. We can even customize it for free to make your wedding vision come true.

At Roatan Events we will always go above and beyond to make your special day perfect. Visit our Cruise Packages and contact us to help you plan your dream wedding.

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