Paola and Federicos Island Garden-Themed Wedding

Paola and Federicos Island Garden-Themed Wedding

On a perfect day in Roatán, with a golden sunset, sea breeze, and white sand, Paola Silvestri and Federico Lang started the most important chapter of their lives alongside their loved ones. In a wedding that recreated an idyllic garden on the island, using flowers and vegetation native to Roatán, the young couple celebrated their legal wedding on one of the island’s hottest spots: West Bay. On the front row, their parents, Emilio Silvestri & Charline Sikaffy, and Federico Lang watched the ceremony with joyful expressions as they witnessed the couple’s love become official. We were just as moved to see the couple’s young love being sealed with a kiss and a sunset!

We’ll tell you the story of one of our most recent weddings that became the talk of the island. 

The fact that their wedding was celebrated in Roatán was extra special due to a very particular fact, Paola, the star bride of this story, is a native of Roatán. Creating an extra special wedding that would match the bride’s dreams of marrying in her personal paradise was a challenge we took on with a smile. After learning of the bride’s ideas and expectations for her dream day, we went through a design process hand in hand with her to make sure every detail was perfect. 

The theme chosen for this wedding followed the idea of a tropical garden, lush and full of colors, as you’re likely to find in hidden spots on the island. In partnership with our suppliers and florists, the team at Roatán Events hunted around the island and surrounding cays to find the perfect flowers that would match this concept.  Instead of a classic wedding arch, Paola settled for a totally different concept that tied in beautifully with the idea of a botanical garden on the beach. She tastefully chose to create an elegant, sculpture-like figure made out of the tropical flowers that surround the island. It made us and the guests swoon and became all the talk of brides!! 

For her dream wedding at the island she calls Home, Paola wore a blood-red dress, made by Honduran designer Mary Ann Kafati, which made a sharp contrast against the guests all-white attire. This was also a strategic choice to make our bride shine and to break some of the common wedding rules of a bride in all white. You have to love Paola for this bold choice! By the end of the ceremony, the weather threatened the couple’s picture-perfect wedding, but at Roatán Events we’re always prepared for everything. The end result was a gorgeous shot of the couple, laughing and having the time of their lives with the sunset behind them, ready to live happily ever after.

After the ceremony, the couple sealed the night at The Beach Club San Simón, where they enjoyed traditional food and desserts from Roatán, to further emphasize the bride’s deep heritage on the island. The Beach Club San Simón was also polished for the occasion, with fresh flowers adorning every table.

Be inspired by Paola’s bold and imaginative choices for your own wedding. At Roatán Events we specialize in crafting your dream wedding from scratch, carefully sourcing materials to fit your taste and personality. Reach out and start planning your 2021 wedding!!

Pao & Fede, Congrats again!!! We loved making your dreams come true!!!




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