4 Things That Make Roatan the Perfect Place for a Destination Wedding

You’re precisely in that moment of deciding where to organize your destination wedding. With so many places available around the world, that can get a little tricky. Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Hawaii, and Italy might immediately come to mind. Yet so many people already go there and you might want something a little different. How does a low-key, beautiful Caribbean island sound? One that your friends might not have heard of and that has everything that you need to organize the perfect destination wedding that everyone will be talking about? 

Roatan is just the place. It is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. It has beautiful beaches, golf courses, top resorts, boutique hotels, great restaurants, and breath-taking places to explore. But it also has great makeup artists, musicians, florists, and chefs that can fulfill any bride or groom’s dreams for their wedding day. Read on to know what makes Roatan a prime destination wedding spot for a destination wedding in the Caribbean.

Roatan has a variety of venues to match different budgets and styles

Fancy a dramatic rocky beach? Prefer a pristine white beach? Or, would you let your eccentric side shine by reserving a golf resort all to yourself? Roatan has it all. And at different prices. One of the things that make Roatan so amazing is that it has several venues available to fancy virtually any kind of island setting you think of. It has rocky beaches, sandy beaches, beaches close to the jungle, golf resorts, and boutique hotels that offer different settings and that can accommodate different budgets. With the help of an experienced wedding planner you can navigate the venues available on the island and learn how to adjust your budget accordingly.

Our island offers experiences and activities for everyone

One of the challenges of a destination wedding is finding activities to keep guests entertained and having fun in a place that is completely foreign to them. In this, Roatan is also a crowd-pleaser. You have really good bars and clubs to keep your guests dancing. There are spas and yoga retreats for those old souls that would like to get a good massage before the big day. Plenty of amazing local and international restaurants for all the foodies. For the more adventurous, you have activities like diving, snorkeling, trekking, and swimming with dolphins. In short, you would be hard pressed to find a place with so many things to do.

RoatAn is well connected with the USA and other countries

With its own airport and access through ferry and several cruise lines, Roatan is very easy to get to, especially from the US, Mexico and Central America. Your guests will have little trouble finding reasonably-priced tickets to attend your wedding. The island is also much safer than the rest of Honduras, so safety concerns will not be an item on your list when planning your wedding here. This makes it stand apart from other places that have costly or irregular flights to and from the USA.

The island has a wide array of services for weddings

As we hinted at before, despite it being a relatively wild destination in Central America, Roatan has several professional services available for weddings that make organizing a wedding here is a complete breeze. You will be in no need for photographers, make up artists, musicians, decorators, or chefs for your wedding. There are also other services to make souvenirs or special gifts that are not so easily findable, but with the right wedding planner you will definitely have access to them. 

Needless to say, at Roatan Events, we can assist you with finding the right venues, helping you match your budget with the kind of wedding that you want, and also finding all the services that you will need for your wedding in paradise. You can reach out via our contact form on the site. 

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