3 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

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Destination weddings are certainly trickier than your average wedding because of everything that comes with travelling to another country. One key item to keep in mind is photography. After all, what is a destination wedding in an exotic location without quality photography to match? For this reason, you want to make sure that you choose the right person to capture these special moments. Read on for some tips for choosing the right photographer for your wedding in Roatan.

Check out Different Photographers

For your wedding in Roatan, make sure you get to know and you explore all the available options at your disposal on the island. It is important for you to know their style and the kind of weddings that they have shot. That way, you can understand whether their style matches what you have in mind. Different photographers can also have different techniques and equipment, this is also something important to ask them. At Roatan Events, we have a selection of photographers whose portfolios you can browse in order to check out these details beforehand.

Have a Photography Mood Board

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To have the right conversations with your photographer, make sure you have a photography mood board to convey what you have in mind. These also help the photographer understand what you’re going for. In this mood board, you can include sample shots, angles, and poses that you would like to have in your wedding. If you know your venue through photos, a video tour, or have access to previous weddings (like we provide) it can help you choose the photo spots that you like.

Do a Walkthrough of your Venue with your Photographer

Once you have chosen a venue and a photographer, it is wise to have a walkthrough of the venue with them so that you can explore the place that you would like for your wedding. You can even include your photographer in your rehearsal so that they can make sample shots for you that you can have as a reference. It is also a good way to provide them with feedback before the big event. Having them work with you also helps them understand your best angles, your likes and dislikes.

While these extra steps take time and may even seem unnecessary, we definitely think they are worth it to ensure that you can maximize the memories that you will take away from your destination wedding. When working with us, your wedding planner can make the whole process of screening photographers, reviewing the venue, rehearsing the weddings, and getting your photos much smoother than it sounds. You can get a free quote with us here.

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