Top Safe Tips for your Wedding in Roatan

If you’ve read recent news related to Honduras, chances are you or your friends and family may be concerned about safety in the country if you want to organize a wedding or event there. This blog post will help you understand the situation in the country and will give you some tip to keep yourself and your guests safe while on the island.

Honduras, like other Latin American countries, is no stranger to violence and crime. However, most of this crime is located in specific “barrios” or neighborhoods of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. Crime outside these areas tends to be rare or located to city outskirts where tourists would normally not go. Touristic places like Roatan are mainly exempt from the violence that you see in the news. You can breathe and relax on our island!

Although the island is mostly safe, you should never let your guard down or skimp on general safety measures you should take when travelling to any country. Below are some general tips you can share with your friends and family.

Keep Your Belongings with you at all times

When going out and about on the island, it’s important that you don’t leave your belongings unattended. While petty crime is rare, it’s wise not to tempt fate, as our grandmothers would say. So while in a restaurant, party or expedition, make sure your belongings are close to your body and in a place visible to you. If you happen to be in an unfamiliar, non-touristic area on the island, make sure to keep any valuables concealed to avoid potential issues.

Don’t Carry all your vALUABLES WITH YOU

That said, it is also wise not to carry sensitive documents like your passport, credit cards, debit cards, and IDs. It’s best to leave these within a safe in your hotel or locked in your luggage. When leaving your hotel room, it’s best to carry cash and maybe one credit or debit card that you can easily cancel if necessary.

notify your wedding planner for extra safety

If you plan to go out at night with friends, it’s always advisable to let your wedding planner know. This will ensure that someone knows your location in case something happens and can assist you if necessary. Alternatively, your wedding planner can also suggest bars and clubs that you can visit to ensure that you will be safe. They can also arrange a night tour for you and your friends in case you don’t mind a less organic experience.


As in any other country, the best safety tip is prevention. Avoid any situations like purchasing substances, going to unsafe clubs or bars, being in the city outskirts on your own, following strangers, and being in an intoxicated state without any support group.

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