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  • Perfect Spa Treatments Before your Roatan Wedding

    On your wedding day, you want to be relaxed and looking your best, the stress from wedding planning and confronting a new kind of weather can be taxing on your skin and body. For this reason, we recommend couples to book the spa services that are available on the island. Below, you can read about […]

  • Top Safe Tips for your Wedding in Roatan

    If you’ve read recent news related to Honduras, chances are you or your friends and family may be concerned about safety in the country if you want to organize a wedding or event there. This blog post will help you understand the situation in the country and will give you some tip to keep yourself […]

  • Bad Weather in Roatan? Here’s what to do

    There are no unforeseen events, only bad planning. Like any island in the Caribbean, Roatan is not immune to bad weather. The island can have heavy rain, and storms. The good news is, we can plan for that. A good wedding planner from the island will be able to guide you through bad weather and […]

  • Beyond the Wedding: Best Roatan Engagement Party Ideas

    Your Roatan wedding can be full of fun moments beyond the BIG day. You can have an engagement party, baby showers, post-wedding celebrations, wedding breakfasts, wedding dinners, and rehearsals. In this post, we will talk about ideas for having an engagement party on our island. Whether they just proposed to you on the ship, or […]

  • 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

    Destination weddings are certainly trickier than your average wedding because of everything that comes with travelling to another country. One key item to keep in mind is photography. After all, what is a destination wedding in an exotic location without quality photography to match? For this reason, you want to make sure that you choose […]

  • Pre-Wedding Activities in Roatan for your Guests

    Pre-Wedding Activities in Roatan for your Guests

    One of the challenges of a destination wedding is, undeniably, planning activities for guests in an exotic location. You have different tastes, fitness levels and ages going on among your guests, so finding an ideal itinerary for all of them can be quite challenging. It takes knowledge of both your guests’ preferences as well as […]

  • 4 Things That Make Roatan the Perfect Place for a Destination Wedding

    You’re precisely in that moment of deciding where to organize your destination wedding. With so many places available around the world, that can get a little tricky. Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Hawaii, and Italy might immediately come to mind. Yet so many people already go there and you might want something a little different. How does […]

  • The perfect Welcome Bag for a Destination Wedding at the Beach

    The perfect Welcome Bag for a Destination Wedding at the Beach

    Crafting the perfect welcome bag for a destination wedding is almost an art. You have to consider not only your guests’ individual needs and tastes, but also the theme of your wedding AND the look and feel of your destination. Your Welcome Bag is super important as it lets your guests know what to expect […]

  • Planning a Destination Wedding in Roatan? Things to Keep in Mind

    Planning a Destination Wedding in Roatan? Things to Keep in Mind

    Beach weddings are romantic and simple, or so they seem. It should be as easy as finding a beach, using light cotton clothing, a messy yet cute hair do and a tropical walk to the altar, but making it all work isn’t as simple. First of all, let’s start talking about typical costs. Beach wedding […]

  • Paola and Federicos Island Garden-Themed Wedding

    Paola and Federicos Island Garden-Themed Wedding

    On a perfect day in Roatán, with a golden sunset, sea breeze, and white sand, Paola Silvestri and Federico Lang started the most important chapter of their lives alongside their loved ones. In a wedding that recreated an idyllic garden on the island, using flowers and vegetation native to Roatán, the young couple celebrated their […]